The New Celebrity Must-have – An Armour-plated Car That Delivers Electric Shocks!

The £200,000 Escalade is capable of withstanding bullets, bombs and chemical attacks

celebrities who are driving armoured vehicles which can withstand bullets, bombs and chemical attacks. Her giant, gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle will even give an electric shock up to 240 volts-worth of non-lethal current to car-jackers, paparazzi or anyone else foolish enough to grab the door handles in a bid to gain entry. At the push of a button, it will belch out dense white smoke to help the driver evade any pursuing vehicle, and pump out small spikes to puncture their tyres. Some customers specify pressurised cabins and on-board oxygen supplies to protect against chemical and gas attacks. Mel Bs specially armoured and fully loaded seven-seater vehicle was delivered to her at her home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, recently by Jason Forston, vice-president of the Texas Armoring Corporation in San Antonio. His 38-year-old Leeds-born client also has an armoured Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz S-Class on order, he said. Now that’s a loyal customer! Nissan fan Peter Butler, 92, has bought 32 cars from the same garage over more than FOUR decades Texas Armoring employs 50 people and customises about 200 vehicles a year, usually for heads of state, politicians, business executives, diplomats and royal families. But more recently, Hollywood celebrities and sport stars have sparked a mini-boom in armoured vehicles as the worsening international climate from chemical strikes in Syria to terrorist attacks in Boston and Kenya have made them twitchy about their personal safety and the risk of kidnap or worse. These stars include British actor Sacha Baron Cohen and the rapper Kanye West, who recently ordered two outrageous Latvian-built Prombron Iron Diamonds costing 800,000 each. They are made by Dartz Motorz, the same company which built Sacha Baron Cohens gold-plated presidential SUV which featured in his film The Dictator. Texas Armorings Mr Forston, 32, said: Five years ago we had no Hollywood celebrities as customers. Nowadays, we have anywhere between 10 to 15 orders a year from celebrities and professional athletes. Melanie Brown is the latest celebrity to purchase the high-security vehicle after Kanye West (right) reportedly ordered two similar 800,000 cars They include Steven Seagal and rapper TI, who has a blinged-up version of Mel Bs Cadillac Escalade, including a 32in flat-screen television with satellite TV and mobile Wi-Fi. Love-cheat golfer Tiger Woods is also understood to have one of the firms armoured cars, which is presumably more than capable of withstanding a sustained attack from an angry wife wielding a nine-iron. Mel B who is a judge on Americas Got Talent and has been co-hosting NBCs Today show and her producer husband Stephen Belafonte have opted for a traditional family-friendly interior to suit the lifestyles of her daughters Phoenix, Angel, Madison and stepdaughter Giselle.

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