Obama-rouhani Chat Covers Nuclear Talks, New York Traffic

Iran Ready for Result-Oriented Talks, Rohani Says

But Im wondering why theres no reaction from the Supreme Leader since last night, said Ramtin, 45, who asked to be identified only by his first name. Either hes ordered it, or hes really angry about it and waiting for Rouhanis report on the recent developments. Netanyahu Meeting Obama and Rouhani spoke days before a Sept. 30 meeting at the White House between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has expressed deep skepticism about the motives behind Rouhanis outreach and suggested Iran is trying to buy time to develop the capability to make a nuclear weapon. U.S. officials spoke with Israelis to inform them of the call, according to the Obama administration official. Im going to speak the truth, the whole truth, in the face of sweet talk and smiles, because the truth is now essential for the security of Israel and the security of the entire world, Netanyahu told reporters in Israel today before leaving for the U.S. The Iranian president shared details of the call with the world over his English-language Twitter feed. He said that Obama had expressed his hope for progress on nuclear talks as well as respect for you and ppl of #Iran, and apologized for New York Citys traffic. Change in Strategy It wasnt immediately clear what prompted Rouhanis change in strategy, though the U.S. official who described the call said it may have been the positive tenor of renewed talks about Irans nuclear program in New York the day before. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and counterparts from five other world powers met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who proposed a goal of reaching an accord within a year. After saying that a meeting between Obama and Rouhani on Sept.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributed the transformative results to his 2007 project, PlaNYC , an initiative aimed at creating sustainable green reforms around the city from better air quality to more affordable housing. “Our PlaNYC agenda set an ambitious goal of having the cleanest air among the largest U.S. cities,” BLoomberg said at a Climate Week event in the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. “Today’s results show that we have already made major progress towards that goal, which is saving lives and improving the health of New Yorkers.” In the city’s Community Air Survey , officials found that levels of sulfur dioxide in the air have dropped by 69 percent since 2008 and the level of soot pollution in the air has dropped by 23 percent thanks, in large part, to PlaNYC’s Clean Heat program, which was aimed at reducing pollution heavy heating oils. Clean Heat was successful thanks to three key reforms: decreased amounts of toxic heating oils, lowered sulfur content in heating oils and expanded natural gas supplies and local gas distribution. Over 2,700 polluting buildings have phased out toxic heating oils as of 2011 and there are currently 2,500 buildings working on conversions, even though the estimated 10,000 buildings in the city that burn toxic heating oils have until 2030 to make their reforms. The cleaner air, Bloomberg said, is estimated to prevent as much as 800 deaths and 2,000 hospital visits due to lung and cardiovascular diseases annually, compared to 2008 records. Manhattan, northern Queens and the South Bronx achieved the greatest improvement in air quality through natural gas conversions. “The substantial reductions in air pollution we’re seeing translate into healthier New Yorkers who are breathing cleaner air,” said Michael Seilback, Vice President for Public Policy and Communications at the American Lung Association of the Northeast. “As more buildings convert to cleaner burning fuels, we will see even greater health benefits.” To capitalize off of this momentum, the Department of Environment Protection also sent a proposed update to New York City’s Air Code to the City Council. If enacted, this update will be the first major revision to the code in 38 years. The new code will update emission standards and focus on the most notorious sources of pollution like commercial cooking establishments. Other green reforms like the addition of hybrid and electrical vehicles to the municipal fleet, reduced school bus emissions and zoning changes to encourage more transit-friendly development have all contributed to the current clean air levels, according to the report. The city intends to continue these efforts and officials predict even greater improvements to air quality and health in upcoming years.

City Council loser accuses Jobs for New York of libel

An ad paid for by Jobs for New York

It also didn’t help that the Jets offensive line was manhandled by the Titans front seven. Smith was hit 11 times and sacked another five. Run Offense: After having success running the ball in the first half, the Jets completely abandoned the rush late. Bilal Powell, after gaining an impressive 5.7 yards per carry in the first half, rushed the ball just five times in the final 30 minutes. The rushing game was the only decent aspect of the game for New York, but for some reason, they only ran the ball 23 times out of 63 plays. Pass Defense: The pass defense was dominated by a subpar aerial attack by the Titansthroughout the game. Jake Locker and Ryan Fitzpatrick combined for 244 yards passing on 32 attempts for four touchdowns and zero interceptions. Darrin Walls was picked on considerably, and Antonio Cromartie looked like a shell of the player he was last year. The two cornerbacks gave up three touchdowns when playing man-to-man coverage. The pass rush was decent, but the Titans neutralized the blitz by continually throwing it short. Run Defense: In an otherwise embarrassing performance, the Jets run defense was once again phenomenal. The Jets continually stuffed Chris Johnson at the line of scrimmage, and the Pro Bowl running back only managed 21 yards on 15 carries. Johnson’s backup, Jackie Battle, had more success, but he was still hampered by New York’s front seven. Expect this unit to continue to excel. Special Teams: Nick Folk and Ryan Quigley were both solid when called upon, but the Jets’ special teams unit was horrific as a whole in the second half.

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans: Live Grades and Analysis for New York

[Giovinazzo] said she does not understand the logic that permits a 17-year-old to go to war and potentially die for his country, but not drink alcohol or buy cigarettes, Devito wrote. The account summarized Giovinazzos answer to a question about a proposal to raise the minimum age for tobacco purchases to 21 from 19. Giovinazzo told The Real Deal that the Jobs for New York flier misconstrued her remarks to mean that she advocated lowering the drinking age. Indeed, even Devito said that this was not what Giovinazzo meant. She was accused of saying the drinking age should be lower she never said that, Devito told TRD. She was not saying the drinking age should be dropped, when she made the analogy, he said. Devitos similar statements in the original Advance article were what prompted Jobs for New York spokesperson Singer to retort that Giovinazzo clearly stated that she believes 17-year-olds should be able to drink alcohol legally. That isnt the type of leadership we need in the City Council. It was this quote that led Giovinazzo to amend the suit. Giovinazzo called the mailers a complete lie, and said she would never fathom a lower drinking age. Im a mom; I have two sons, she told The Real Deal. That would be like putting a beer and the keys in their hands. Jobs for New York has yet to respond to the suit, she said, adding that she believed they hoped to delay proceedings until after the general election on Nov. 5. Orricks Jacobsen declined to comment on that accusation. Libel suits, especially those involving speech about a public figure, are extremely difficult to prove, said Andrew Miltenberg, a partner with Nesenoff & Miltenberg and a specialist in libel law.