Europe Poised For Tense Week With Berlusconi Vote, Ecb Ahead

In France there are no limitations on donations for the building of mosques, despite the fact that French law forbids foreign government donations for political activity. More importantly, even without legislation, there is no country that allows foreign donations for radical political NGOs that undermine the countrys founding ethos. There is not one country in Europe that dreams of funding one of the bodies in Germany dealing with the rights of refugees from central Europe. And of course, there is not one European country that would deliver money to an NGO in the Czech Republic or in Poland promoting the German right of return (if such an organization existed). Double Standards Those are the rules in Europe. So why do official government bodies in Europe heavily fund NGOs promoting the destructive fantasy of the Palestinian right of return to Israel? Why is there a European fortune, according to a report by NGO Monitor , behind a conference of an extreme left Israeli NGO preaching the right of return? There is, after all, no right of return for the tens of thousands of exiles inside Europe who were deported in the 1940s, and certainly there is no funding for NGOs dealing with this issue. The idea of return contradicts the European Human Rights Court ruling in the matter of refugees in Cyprus and regarding Germans deported from Poland. So why are principles that are widely accepted in Europe practically and legally turned upside down when it comes to the Middle East? The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to inform every country that gives aid: We embrace your norms. If you dont fund European refugee NGOs please dont do it here, and dont hide beyond the dubious excuse of human rights. And if you dont understand this in a diplomatic way, as accepted between civilized countries, we will be forced to make legislation that will turn your accepted norms between European countries into our normative standards. The proposed law will note that it is nothing but a practical application of what has been accepted between democratic countries. And when things change in Europe, we will be happy to adjust to the new reality.

Analysis: Success, compromise, ageing erode Europe’s Greens

Unemployment rate in the bloc has been stuck at a euro-era high of 12.1% for five months straight, and analysts forecast that the August reading will be no different. Why isnt the employment situation improving? Survey data on firms hiring decisions has not kept pace with the improvement seen in the wider macro data, analysts at RBC Capital markets say. While the ECB is busy planning monetary policy in Paris, and investors try to keep up with the data flow, a domestic political drama is playing out in Rome. Over the weekend, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconis party said all five of its ministers would resign from the cabinet, sending the yield on 10-year Italian government bonds /quotes/zigman/4869096/delayed IT:10YR_ITA to a three-month high. In response and to avoid snap elections Prime Minister Enrico Letta has scheduled a vote of confidence for the government in parliament on Wednesday. Berlusconi said he engineered the walkout because he opposes a planned increase in the sales tax, but Prime Minister Enrico Letta called this a huge lie. Last week, Berlusconis allies threatened to bring down the government ifa special Senate committee meeting on Friday, Oct. 4 votes to expel the former prime minister from the upper house because of his tax-fraud conviction . Meanwhile, political disagreements in the U.S. also look set to keep investors on edge.Congress has to agree on a budget bill before the new fiscal year starts on Tuesday, Oct. 1 to avoid the first government shutdown in 17 years , but one of the key points of partisan contention is funding for the Affordable Care Act, also know as Obamacare.The Republican-led House voted early Sunday to delay the health-care law by one year, as part of legislation to keep the government running. Rounding off the week on Friday is the nonfarm payrolls report from the U.S. along with the unemployment rate. Expect the rate to stay at 7.3% and payrolls below 200,000. And as if that wasnt enough excitement, lingering concerns that the U.S.

The party’s senior leaders resigned. The Greens are now agonizing over whether to enter a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, while their French cousins are feuding over whether to stay in government with President Francois Hollande’s Socialists. One of the French party’s former presidential candidates, Noel Mamere, walked out in disgust last week, saying the Greens had sold their souls for power, stopped producing innovative ideas and become a “trade union of elected officials”. “The ecologists spend their time accepting things that don’t correspond to the platform they are supposed to stand for,” Mamere said in an interview with Le Monde. Another icon of the movement, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, distanced himself from the party and won’t run again for the European Parliament next year, while the current party leader, Pascal Durand, said he would step down in 2014. The French Greens’ candidate for president, Eva Joly, polled a humiliating 2.3 percent last year, a far cry from the party’s record 16.7 percent score in the 2009 European elections. ALL GREEN NOW To a degree, the Greens have become victims of their own success. We are all green now. Many of the issues they forced onto Europe’s policy agenda – from renewable energy to sustainable development or gay rights – have been embraced by the mainstream parties, at least in part. Fighting climate change, reducing carbon emissions and recycling waste are standard policies for European governments nowadays, albeit pursued with less zeal than the Greens demand. U.S. President Barack Obama and the European Commission both espouse “green growth” as the way to revive industrialized Western economies.