Celebrity Big Brother Star Neil ‘razor’ Ruddock Weds With Rylan Clark As Ringbearer!

At the push of a button, it will belch out dense white smoke to help the driver evade any pursuing vehicle, and pump out small spikes to puncture their tyres. Some customers specify pressurised cabins and on-board oxygen supplies to protect against chemical and gas attacks. Mel Bs specially armoured and fully loaded seven-seater vehicle was delivered to her at her home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, recently by Jason Forston, vice-president of the Texas Armoring Corporation in San Antonio. His 38-year-old Leeds-born client also has an armoured Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz S-Class on order, he said. Now that’s a loyal customer! Nissan fan Peter Butler, 92, has bought 32 cars from the same garage over more than FOUR decades Texas Armoring employs 50 people and customises about 200 vehicles a year, usually for heads of state, politicians, business executives, diplomats and royal families. But more recently, Hollywood celebrities and sport stars have sparked a mini-boom in armoured vehicles as the worsening international climate from chemical strikes in Syria to terrorist attacks in Boston and Kenya have made them twitchy about their personal safety and the risk of kidnap or worse. These stars include British actor Sacha Baron Cohen and the rapper Kanye West, who recently ordered two outrageous Latvian-built Prombron Iron Diamonds costing 800,000 each. They are made by Dartz Motorz, the same company which built Sacha Baron Cohens gold-plated presidential SUV which featured in his film The Dictator. Texas Armorings Mr Forston, 32, said: Five years ago we had no Hollywood celebrities as customers. Nowadays, we have anywhere between 10 to 15 orders a year from celebrities and professional athletes. Melanie Brown is the latest celebrity to purchase the high-security vehicle after Kanye West (right) reportedly ordered two similar 800,000 cars They include Steven Seagal and rapper TI, who has a blinged-up version of Mel Bs Cadillac Escalade, including a 32in flat-screen television with satellite TV and mobile Wi-Fi. Love-cheat golfer Tiger Woods is also understood to have one of the firms armoured cars, which is presumably more than capable of withstanding a sustained attack from an angry wife wielding a nine-iron. Mel B who is a judge on Americas Got Talent and has been co-hosting NBCs Today show and her producer husband Stephen Belafonte have opted for a traditional family-friendly interior to suit the lifestyles of her daughters Phoenix, Angel, Madison and stepdaughter Giselle.

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Celebrity Big Brother star Neil Razor Ruddock weds with Rylan Clark as ringbearer! Tweet September 30th, 2013 by Lynn Connolly. Fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know that former X Factor finalist and current Big Brothers Bit on the Side co-host Rylan Clark struck up what was arguably an unlikely friendship with former footballer Neil Razor Ruddock during their time on the show earlier this year And evidently, their bromance continued to flourish after the show ended as its been reported today that when Razor wed his long-term love Leah Newman over the weekend, Rylan played the role of ringbearer. The Daily Mirror reports that Razor and Leah wed in a Kent country house with their daughters Pebbles and Kizzy playing major roles in the couples big day. And while speaking to Hello magazine about why he and Leah hadnt married before now, Razor who formerly starred on Im A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here remarked, People used to ask, Why is it taking you so long to make Leah your wife? We had our reasons. We wanted our little girls to be old enough to enjoy our special day And they did, they had a ball. He added, For us, it was the right time and the perfect day. You cant ask for more than that. Everyone was coming up saying it was the best wedding theyd ever been to. And obviously wed have to agree. Other celebrity guests at the wedding included comedian Bobby Davro, former EastEnders star Gillian Taylforth and Heartbeat actress Tricia Penrose . Both Gillian and Tricia of course also starred in CBB alongside Razor and Rylan. Neil added, We waited a long time for this day, so it was important to me that we took our vows seriously and really took in what we were saying to each other. Leah looked so beautiful, I couldnt take my eyes off her. For those few minutes, it was just me and her. Aww bless him! Congrats to you both Neil and Leah from all of us!

The new celebrity must-have – an armour-plated car that delivers electric shocks!

The £200,000 Escalade is capable of withstanding bullets, bombs and chemical attacks

But in an attempt to change negative public perception of its ingredients, the fast-food giant is hosting a New York City dinner Thursday night featuring dishes decidedly more upscale than its assembly-line burgers and Dollar Menu deals. The company invited a phalanx of media and other opinion-makers to try out a multi-course meal prepared by professional chefs using standard McDonalds food. None of the dishes will reach McDonalds drive-thrus, at least not in the near future. But company spokespeople said the exercise will help engender new ways to think about the existing menu and highlight the chain’s ingredients. At the event, dietitian Jessica Foust, who manages McDonalds nutrition and culinary division, will craft mojitos made with the chains Mango Pineapple Smoothie base. Her beef and gnocchi dish will be made with McDonalds French fries, another smoothie base, carrots and meat normally used for burger patties. As McDonalds struggles to keep sales growing at the fast clip maintained during the recession, the chain is spicing up its menu with Habanero Ranch sauce and rice wine vinegar in its McWraps bolder flavors that werent as acceptable five to seven years ago, Foust said. You can find these ingredients in grocery stores and some of the most fine dining in the country, she said in a recent interview. Were helping people understand that its food thats all it is. James Tahhan, star of cooking shows on Telemundo and Utilisima, will create tortilla espanola with garlic and saffron aioli using the fast-food companys hash browns, eggs and onions. There will also be Kung Pao chicken made using Chicken McNuggets by Dale Talde, a contestant on Bravos Top Chef show. Aaron McCargo Jr., winner of the Next Food Network Star competition and host of the Big Daddys House show on the television network, will present barbecue chicken. The ingredients?

McDonald’s tries fancy food with celebrity chefs in NYC

If we see something in the news we try to contact them or make them some sort of public offer. Our sources say this pursuit is a huge change in how the industry works. Where companies like Vivid once waited for a homemade sex tape to be leaked to them a la Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lees tape in1995 nowadays, the company prefersto make them happen themselves. Sydney Leathers, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiners former sexting partner, was lured by the money and fame that a celebrity sex tape brings.In an early interview with FOX411, she said she had rejected an offer to make a sex tape with Vivid. But less than a week later, the 23-year-old did indeed shoot a porno with a porn pro for Vivid, for a large, undisclosed sum of money. According to Leathers, her change of heart happened because: Everyone already thought I did it, so why not? Jasmine Waltz is a model and actress whohas appeared in the films “Demon” and “Poker Run.” Waltz made a private sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, and told a tale of how Vivid not only wanted her to sign off on her personal tape, but make another one under the companys direction. It was something that was made already (with her ex-boyfriend). I definitely sort of had forgotten that it had been made.After some things have happened in my life, I was approached by Vivid where they wanted to do a deal where they pick a porn star, or whoever I pick, and they would film the whole thing, she said. I turned that down, and then it must have been like seven or eight months later that Exquisite Films had gotten an email from whoever had gotten the tape (with the ex boyfriend).(They said) we cant do this without your consent, well pay you X-amount of dollars, and theyll edit it.I didnt think there was [anything] too raunchy about it.I didnt want a porn company filming something under their control. Waltz also explained that her tape did not make a big splash because she signed with Exquisite instead of Vivid.Because Vivid and TMZ have such a strong bond together, it was thrown under the rug.I just know the two owners are very tight. Waltz said. The minute something like that happens they call them and have them break all of the news.Its a very hot news story, so for TMZ to give the exclusive, they stay loyal to each other. An adult entertainment insider backed up Waltzs claims, as did Howard Levine, the president of Exile video, a division of Exquisite, which ended up releasing Waltzs tape. “When we were putting out the Jasmine Waltz title from Exile Distribution and contacted TMZ to do a piece on it, they refused, Levine said. Did it affect her sales because of TMZ?Yes, it did affect sales, but it still did very well.” Hirsch denied the claims Vivid and TMZ had a special relationship. “Thats nonsense, he said. We have the same relationships with all of the sites, including FoxNews.com.” TMZ did not return our emails for comment. Diana Falzone is a FoxNews.com contributor and the advice columnist for My Wingman Diana on Military.com .