A few tips for escort girls

With the rise in demand for escort services in London, as an escort you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Though there are many client in the trade, you have to do that things that leave your customers wanting to come back for more. Here are a few tips to make sure you have your clients` full attention and fondness.



Create a really appealing profile.

A first impression is very important in attracting as many clients as possible. Upload really tempting photos of yourself. Even if it takes the help of a professional photo studio, use that to bring about the beauty in you. Upload photos once in a while and make sure your photos are immaculate in quality.

Make playful advances.

You might find it hard to make advances at strangers. However, men love fondling as well as floundering. Practise with a few and with time, you will know exactly where to touch them. Getting a man aroused requires good tactics. Learn with every new client and as time goes by you will have a long list of the places that “get things moving!”

Make quality and knowledgeable remarks.

To keep a conversation going, you have to choose a field that you are well versed in. if you are not privileged to host the topic, make little remarks and choose your words carefully. You should also avoid making comments that may end up irritating your client. Seek to have a general overview of what he likes. Be careful not ask too much about personal life. Some clients may take this the wrong way and interpret it as intrusion to personal space.

Practice a desirable voice.

Many men get turned on just by the mere voice of a woman. Not all voices however are alluring. When clients call, avoid being too loud, too soft or too shrill. Take your time, enunciate every word slowly to make sure the client hears you clearly. Avoid use of slang and all the more offensive words. Advised by steve who works for London escort agency http://www.primeescorts-london.com .

Take care of your hair.

Always prepare your hair before meeting a client. A soft palpable hair is always attractive for clients. Most men like fondling women’s hair. Make your hair smell good, it lure the client to curdle it and some even prefer a peck on your head. Long curly hair turns on men almost instantly and will make way for a mind-blowing sexual adventure.



According to Catthy who works for London escort agencies LLL website – http://www.londonsleadingladies.com/   “Clients judge escorts  by the way the carry out themselves “,  From how you step out of the car, upright sitting posture and easiness. If you look all tensed up and sit carelessly a client especially those of higher social class may feel turned down. Walk confidently and even talk with a lot of self-assurance. This makes the escort customer and punters regard you highly. Serves to make your escort client want to meet you again. Some clients are generous enough, they give tips and feedback after they receive the service.

Keeps your lips soft and presentable.

Treat your lips well. You can use the help of creams and always remember to carry your lip balm. Avoid crumbly lips and wear the right colour of lipstick. A shiny or shimmer formula works well and if well used you might get a surprise kiss. After all your main aim is to capture the man’s attention.



The above guidelines well used can lead to immense success. However, take care! Do not exaggerate any of them. Exaggerations could get interrupted wrongly and this leads to the dreaded dismissal. If recklessly applied, a client might be waiting for your departure. Worse still you might get kicked out and never get to serve that particular customer. Apply everything wisely and it will work wonders.